COVID-19 Kelowna

March 20,2020

We are closed for regular classes and camps until further notice.

March 16,2020

Our priority is the health and safety of our Kelowna community.
We take COVID-19 seriously.

Here are the measures we are taking at Great Way Martial Arts:

1. We clean, sanitize and disinfect.
2. We are disinfecting equipment used by the previous class before a new class begins.
3. When students enter class, we spray their hands with a safe hand sanitizer.
4. We do not shake hands or give high 5’s.
5. We remind the students to wash or sanitize their hands after the class is over.
6. We have a sanitizing station when you enter
7. We ask all students and families to please stay home if anyone is feeling under the weather, even with the sniffles.
8. All students and families must self-isolate if they have just returned from international travel

 Great Way Martial Arts is not conducting any close proximity type drills, techniques or exercises.