Is Kung Fu right for you?

Over the past 20 years I have been asked what makes Great Way Martial Arts different from other martial arts schools; specifically what is it that we do differently from the rest.   I have met many martial arts teachers and most have good intentions and an enthusiastic purpose.

GWMA  teaches Kung Fu in a way that is dissimilar to the mainstream methods and we do not teach competitive martial arts.  We are unique in that the style of Kung Fu we train is based on being accepting, patient and always available.

When you find that you want to try Kung Fu it is important to know that Kung Fu does not give any attention to whether you have any experience in martial arts.  

It does not care whether you are in “shape”, what age you are, what gender you happen to be, or what physical challenges you may have.  

Kung Fu is accepting of all who want to learn and practice it. It may, however, be just what you are looking for to improve your life.  

For those who currently practice Kung Fu remember that Kung Fu is very patient. 

It is far more patient with us than we are with ourselves.  

Kung Fu does not care how long it takes for you to learn or master it; especially when you feel like you “should know this by now”.  

It does not judge you for “where” you are or how long it has taken to achieve what you have.

It does not judge your feelings of frustration or impatience.  

It does not care if you feel “behind” as it is not a race to win.  

Kung Fu is not something to “finish”, to get to the “end of” or to check off as “done”.   

Once Kung Fu is a part of you; it is always with you. 

Kung Fu is a way of living and learning and being. 

Kung Fu becomes a part of how you view the world and how you respond to it.  Open-minded joyful practice combined with good mentoring can help us out of any self-induced rut.

My 14-year-old son has been practicing almost his whole life and he describes it as “coded into my body”.   

For those that once learned and practiced Kung Fu remember that it is still apart of you.   You can bring it out, dust it off and take it for a spin anytime.

Kung Fu does not remember or forget; it just is.

We did not change it, it changes us.

Kung Fu does not acknowledge guilt or blame as it is not a person. 

Kung Fu is a constant reminder and reflection of how far we have come and the potential we have. 

Our reasons for learning, practicing or not practicing Kung Fu are our own.

Kung Fu accepts them all and is ready to be learned, practiced and shared when we are.

Kung Fu will always be there for you as you need it.

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With kindness

Sifu James Heinrich

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