Mastery has been described as abiding by these 3 rules:
“1. Mastery is a mindset; It requires the capacity to see your abilities as infinitely improvable; not as a
finite restriction.
2. Mastery causes pain and discomfort; it demands effort, grit, and deliberate practice.
3. Mastery is an asymptote; it’s impossible to fully realize, which makes it simultaneously frustrating and alluring.”
Only full and personal engagement can produce mastery … becoming better at something that matters and it begins to “flow” through optimal experiences.
This happens when the challenges we face are matched to our abilities.
To be truly engaged means you have a purpose.
External rewards can be attractive and fun however, only intrinsic purpose can sustain long term goals. Goals such as achieving your black belt.

I speak with many people each week that are thinking about beginning their martial arts journey as well as current students of all levels of experience and we all seem to have more in common than we think.
For starters, the reasons for beginning martial arts classes are very much alike.
The main reasons for continuing are also very much alike.
Most of us seem to begin with a specific belief in why we are coming, what we are capable of and how far we will get (in ranking). The students who achieve the most, first believe it is possible.

After training many Instructors, school Owners and Black Belts I have found that the main response after achieving one of these milestone goals is “when I started I didn’t think I could get this far.”
Their journey was training one class at a time, achieving one rank at a time with the long term goal of “Black Belt” or at least the belief it was possible. They achieved and continue to achieve great things in their life on and off the mat.

What is your purpose behind your pursuit of “Black Belt” or beyond?
What is your child’s?
Find your purpose for your pursuit of “Black Belt” and believe it is possible and you will also achieve even greater things.
Whatever your reasons remember to enjoy the journey, it IS what makes a Black Belt!

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