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Progress stripe weeks, Belt Exams & Schedule Updates & more…

No Drop-in Classes. Attend Registered Classes Only.




4th - Closed for Labour Day

11th - 16th - Summer/Fall Unit 1st Progress Stripe Week Champions/TMA/Wing Chun

11th & 13th - Junior & Youth Black Belt 1st Test - Mon. & Wed. @ 5:30 pm

24th - 30th - Kung Fu Cubs Belt Promotion Week

30th - Closed for National Day for Truth and Reconciliation


9th - Closed for Thanksgiving

12th - Demo Team Tryouts Details & Sign Up HERE!

16th - 21st - Summer/Fall Unit 2nd Progress Stripe Week Champions/TMA/Wing Chun

16th & 18th - Junior & Youth Black Belt 2nd Test - Mon. & Wed. @ 5:30 pm

21st - Kid's Night Out! Parent's Nite Off! Get Tickets HERE!


11th - Closed for Remembrance Day

18th - Kid's Night Out! Parent's Nite Off! Get Tickets HERE!

20th - 25th - Summer/Fall Unit Belt Exam Week Champions/TMA/Wing Chun

20th & 22nd - Junior & Youth Black Belt 3rd Test/Promotions - Mon. & Wed. @ 5:30 pm


2nd - Kid's Night Out! Parent's Holiday Shopping! Get Tickets HERE!

9th - Kid's Night Out! Parent's Holiday Shopping! Get Tickets HERE!

17th - 23rd - Kung Fu Cubs Belt Promotion Week

24th - Jan 1st, 2024 - Closed for Winter Holidays

Make-Up Classes
Fridays & Saturdays

Need to make up a missed class? Register for one of our Make-Up classes!

Students must sign up to join a make-up class. No Drop-Ins

Private Lessons

Students can easily book a complimentary lesson when extra help is necessary. A cancellation fee of $20 will be charged for any late cancellations or no-shows.

For make-up classes please use the Make-up Class Scheduler OR the Academy Online Recorded Classes. ~Thank you

Our policies at Great Way Martial Arts Academy
What To Do If You Need To Miss Classes


1. Use the makeup classes uploaded to the Academy Online.  Once you complete a recorded make-up class please email and he will add it to your overall class attendance.

2. Click here to Schedule a Makeup Class on Friday or Saturday (for year 1, 2 & 3 students). If you are a Jr. Black Belt or a Wing Chun student you may need to Schedule a Private Lesson. These steps will help you or your child stay on track for their next belt exam.

Belt Exams/Grading Policies

All testing fees must be paid in advance.

1. Students who are not testing during this week (excluding NEW Kids & Teens and all Adults) do not attend class. You can however book a private lesson.

2. If a student cannot attend exam week has failed their exam, or is not yet eligible they can sign up for a make-up exam.

3. All requirements of tuition, good attitude/effort, proper skill level, attendance, 2 progress stripes, and home practice must be met to test.

4. Students will be promoted immediately after the exams are completed providing, they have passed.

5. A $25 exam fee will be charged if a student:
– misses their scheduled exam day without communicating to Great Way.

– would like to or needs to schedule a private belt testing.

5. Be early! If a student arrives more than 5 minutes late they will not be allowed into the exam.