Looking for Martial Art classes that teach patience, kindness, and self-control?

Champions Kung Fu is the right choice, kids have the time of their life while learning discipline and discovering their full potential. Our definition of a Champion is, someone who never gives up and we expect students to always do their best, these are pillars of our program.


Our program consists of mixed Kung Fu and Martial Arts styles and our teaching method reaches all 3 major learning styles; visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. We believe in bringing out the best in everyone, our classes are designed to educate, encourage and support healthy lifestyles by improving self-image.
At Great Way, the family unit is very important and we help create strong family bonds by instilling life-long loyalty.

We coach students to challenge the voice inside them that says “I can’t do that, I’m not smart enough, fast enough, or strong enough” by using the affirmation “I can, I must, I will!”. 

Our goal-setting rewards system teaches students to plan and set goals, children learn confidence and self-discipline and their self-image starts to soar.

Let's Make Sure This Is a Good Fit!
Try out our 4-week No Commitment Trial!


  • Tour of the Academy & meet the Team
  • 30-minute introductory private lesson
  • 4 weeks of classes
  • 2 classes per week
  • Make-up classes on Fridays & Saturdays
  • 1st Belt (White Belt)

Total Cost: $99.00 +GST

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Not Sure We Are The Right Fit For You, Or Your Child?
Try out our 1-Week No Commitment Trial!


  • Tour of the Academy & meet the Team
  • 30-minute introductory private lesson
  • 1 group class

Total Cost: $19.95 +GST

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3 Months $299 Fall Registration Trial Program!

Classes starting in Aug. or Sept. | Includes 1 class per week, a Uniform T-shirt, 1st belt, and access to our Academy Online! Click the Class Time Below To Register.

Each child is invited to go on a Kung Fu Quest. The Quest encourages home practice, completing home chores, developing good manners and random acts of kindness. Each month students are given a Quest Card to complete.

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The Truth About Kung Fu
  • Previous experience is not necessary to start classes
  • Being in shape or flexible is not required
  • We have a no-contact policy. Less risk of concussions and injuries
  • Great Way students are very friendly and helpful
  • No competitions, tournaments or contact sparring
  • We have a very welcoming family-friendly environment
  • Kung Fu is not a “style” it is a mindset, it means “hard work, well done”
What Can a Parent Do If they Feel Their Child Is Not Earning Their Next Belt Either At Home Or School?

This is very normal and can occur at any time on the journey to Black Belt. Maybe a student is not doing their chores, or their grades are not satisfactory. We can help!

It’s important to us that you know that every reward is earned here at Great Way, nothing is just given and that parents always have the final say whether their child gets promoted to their next belt.

If for any reason a parent would like us to withhold a reward they only have to let us know, we are here to support the parents and the child and will not reward them until the parent is happy with the behavioural change.

  • Develops Self-Discipline
  • Improves Self-Image
  • Trains Left and Right Brain
  • Teaches Goal Setting
  • Improves Discipline and Posture
  • Self-defence and Self-Control
  • Non-Violent Conflict Resolution Techniques
  • Improves Manners and Self-Respect
  • Increases Self-Awareness and Tolerance
  • Positive Reinforcement/Encouragement
  • Can Kick Start a Great Attitude
Belt Test & Gear Requirements
  1. Skill level – 6 skills of a Champion; focus, accuracy, speed, power, intensity, and excellence
  2. Effort – never giving up
  3. Positive attitude – always doing your best
  4. Practice – consistent practice ensures progressive skill level
  5. Attendance – this does not ensure skill level however, it does teach that success starts with showing up

 *Good academic grades are required to be promoted to any Black Belt Level

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