Great Way's Champions & Teens Program for kids 7 to 16 is very different. It is made from the ground up specifically for these age groups, offering a unique opportunity to try almost everything martial arts has to offer in one program.

Included in this program are basic martial arts foundations from Kung Fu & Kickboxing; stances, punching, kicking, blocking, and sparring, advanced kicking techniques from Wushu, self-defense training from Wing Chun and Krav Maga, weapons training from Kung Fu, Karate & Kali and more. This gives children the opportunity to learn, sample, and explore the world of martial arts establishing a great foundation on which to build their black belt.

Our classes are also very different and broken up into two categories; 1. brainwork and 2. bodywork. Brainwork starts with a mindset lesson that supports parents' ideas and values i.e. random acts of kindness and being a team at home with chores. Deep breathing follows and activates the parasympathetic nervous system and the vagus nerve which helps to relax each student and find their calm center shutting down the fight or fight reflex. The class then rings out a Kung Fu cheer "hard work, well done" and affirms the eight qualities of a Black Belt; "I am focused, I have self-control, I am disciplined, I have perseverance, I am honest, I am a leader, I have a positive attitude, I am respectful" followed by the Kung Fu bow physically anchoring them into a positive state. Warm-up begins with "Brain Gym" exercises that help with brain integration and improved coordination.

Bodywork includes a joint and muscle warm-up followed by stretching. The class moves into the daily lesson engaging all 3 main learning styles visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Each lesson is designed to support the student's goal of improving and moving closer to their goals of belt advancement. Every class further challenges the students with agility, strength, and fitness training engaging them to always do their best and their best may be different from day to day. During the mindset lesson, a weekly affirmation summing up the lesson is repeated aloud by the whole class throughout the 45 to 60 min. long class.

Great Way's Positive Attitude Foundational Pillars include;

  1. 3 rules of a positive attitude, "I can, I must, I will."
  2. definition of a positive attitude is "I always do my best."
  3. definition of a Champion is "Someone who never gives up."
  4. meaning of discipline is "give yourself a command and follow it."
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Sigung James Heinrich

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