Great Way's Kung Fu Cubs Program is for kids 3 to 7 years and designed for children in pre-school and kindergarten. It has a very different theme-based curriculum built on weekly rewards for effort and focus. This creates a great opportunity for young children to benefit from what Kung Fu and Martial Arts can offer with a goal setting and reward system, class format, drills, and games all engineered for their development levels.

Kung Fu and Martial Arts skills and techniques are shared with the students however the rewards are not based on their skill level at this young age. Skill-based progression, testing, and advancement begin in the next age group, Champions Kung Fu 7 to 11 years. Weekly themes include; focus, self-control, perseverance, fitness, self-defense, self-discipline, balance, coordination, and more. A designated color represents each theme with a colored stripe as a reward placed on the student's belt when earned. Earning a stripe is based on the metrics of focus and effort related to each theme. When a minimum of 8 stripes are earned a student is rewarded with a new belt and rank. i.e. white belt to yellow belt. Students do not always earn a stripe each week.

Each class begins with eye contact and a handshake greeting. Students circle around for "story time" and each storytime introduces the weekly theme and what it means. Class continues with a Kung Fu cheer, "hard work, well done" and the eight qualities of Black Belt affirmations; "I am focused, I have self-control, I am disciplined, I have perseverance, I am honest, I am a leader, I have a positive attitude, I am respectful." A positive mental state has now been formed and anchored with the Kung Fu bow. Warm-up begins with "moving-time" including "Brain Gym" exercises that help with brain integration and improved coordination preparing them for theme-related drills and games and concludes with stretching.

After "moving time" students have great focused fun with "creative playtime" centered around the weekly theme engaging all 3 main learning styles visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Each drill is designed to support the theme and the overall goal of improving the mental and physical well-being of each student. Finishing each class with "game time" brings another level of fun engagement. Every drill and game delivers bonus challenges and opportunities for students to improve their agility, strength, and fitness while always doing their best and their best may be different from day to day. Positive affirmations supporting the student's well-being and progress ring out and are heard from anywhere in the dojo throughout the 45 min. long class.

Great Way's Positive Attitude Foundational Pillars include;

  1. 3 rules of a positive attitude, "I can, I must, I will."
  2. definition of a positive attitude is "I always do my best."
  3. definition of a Champion is "Someone who never gives up."
  4. meaning of discipline is "give yourself a command and follow it."
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