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Designed for Adults of All Ages
Discover Your Superpowers
Discover your inner superpowers by developing your own proven personal safety skills.
Improve Mental Strength
Improve mental strength and understanding to make needed choices to keep safe.
More Confidence
Build confidence and self-belief to make the DECISIONS you need to, to protect yourself.
Online Training Courses
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Adults Self-Defense Starter Package

Start Your Self-Defense Journey with this Free Package designed to get you started training in the comfort of your own home.

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Adults Self-Defense Level 1
$298 CAD +tax

This online training course introduces the Mindset needed for real-life self-defense while teaching you basic striking techniques, drills, and escapes. This Online Course is Beginner friendly and suitable for all fitness levels. 

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Adults Self-Defense Level 2
$1187 CAD +tax

This online training course will continue your self-defense training with more in-depth training, new skills, advanced drills, and real-life applications. Create a "Bullet-Proof" Mindset with deeper affirmation training to become the best version of yourself.

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